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18th April 2008
Thanks for the donation to the hosting costs Raf!

Erotic Baubles


7th April 2008 (Second edition) - Stop.
Hello. Erotic Baubles has agreed to take over the site in all aspects. So treat him well, he will be the support and contact behind the operation now. Thanks for a great innings running the site for the last four years. Its been fun and a privilege to build and run biggedybong. Stop... Carryon!

See you on the board!


7th April 2008 - Problems / Four years on
Hello bongers. Looks like our new home had a sever issue last night and mamaged to loose some information on our board. I've tried my best to restore the board but we've lost posts and members from feb and march.

That said - the site is now over four years old! Congratulations to everyone concerned.

26th March 2007 - Three years on
Quick post to say it's been three years since the duo departed from the airwaves and creation

16th March 2007 - New Website Owners 2007-2008
I am pleased to announce the part owners of this site are infinitychimp, jockseagull, joanne, Jay, TheBunny, Dafydd, Mike B, DC, Pixiedancer, littlemissmosher, mysticmuzza, Brian and the_harvmeister. You lot have single handily kept the site alive. Thank you.

9th February 2007 - A NEW shop!
In a continued attempt to keep this site free of money worries, I have devised a clever plan - a shop of adverts. These adverts will appear on the shop page whilst we work out what other things to put in there.

If any of you are online shoppers, please click the appropriate advert before going to the site and handing over the dosh. Biggedybong makes a few pennies per transaction. And I will publish the savings every quarter. Brilliant!

27th January 2007 - Website Costs
Hello again
The 1st April website costs are again looming - this year it stand at a smidge over £120. I am open to suggestions on the shop still to help - what would everyone like? Email me at the new address.

26th January 2007 - Happy New Year
Warp! Hello Biggedy Bongers
A quick mention to say I have changed the way you can contact me.
Down to the amount of spam that has been filling the inbox - 12,000 messages last time I logged on.

You can now reliably contact me at chaddy (at)

8th April 2006 - One week and we've done it! thank you very much!
A big no-need! to Mike B, SJ, RAF, TheBunny, Erotic Baubles, Harvmeister and Helen for helping me out with the running costs. Consider yourselves part owners - investor meetings around the pond will take place in due course. Many thanks again.

1st April 2006 - Happy Birthday
We are two!! Huzah! It's been a right pleasure helping out on this site - we have a great bunch of people keeping the legendary-duo alive and I'm chuffed that this is the place everyone comes to. Long live BiggedyBong.

Ok, ok, apologies, I'm not here as much as I'd like to be, everyone (esp RAF) is awesome keeping me going. There is no need to worry about the site going down this year, but if anyone has a fiver or tenner going spare I wouldn't half mind a contribution to the site costs. This year it comes in at £120 and if you fancy it you can make a donation by clicking the button below (curtosy of secure PayPal). All donations will be listed here. Many thanks!! Biggedy Biggedy Bong to everyone!

11th December 2005 - Merry Christmas
Thanks for all the support in 2005 and let's keep floggin' the competition alive in 2006! Shop update: I'm in the process of ordering some BB mugs, marked with our favourite catchphrases! unfortunately they won't be ready in time for Christmas, but sometime in the New Year.
26th July 2005 - Site update
It was long overdue I know! Biggedybong was given a fresh lick of paint today - new colours, new sound bites, a shop that's coming, as well as our very own interactive Mark and Lard!! (More updates soon)

The forum also had a spruce - what do you think?
24th July 2005 - The 100th Forum member
The Biggedybong forum greets it's 100th member - MikeBond (is that another MikeB?). Let's keep floggin the competition - Alive!
13th July 2005 - We got mentioned!!
Well done to RAF! on getting us mentioned on Mark's evening show. We have a mp3 of the shout out here. (nice recording Downcount)
18th March 2005 - Special thanks go out to the part-owners of the site for '05-'06. Erotic Baubles, Trickster, Andrew B, Simon, Helen, Jizhomer, Harvmeister, Junaita, Karen & Chaddy. Biggedy Biggedy Bong!!

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Editorial - March/April
Hi Bongers
We are four!!
Happy Birthday bongers! The website was four years old on Saturday 1st April.

Thanks for floggin the competition - alive!

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